Aneros Evi
Aneros Evi G-spot bulb
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Aneros Evi

Keep your kegel muscles toned and your orgasms strong with the Evi from Aneros.

This anatomically designed product offers the user both sexual health and pleasure all in one, all with the comfort, form and flexibility of luxury silicone.

If you want to take sex to the next level, then combine the Evi with your favourite water based lubricant and with a regular kegel exercise routine, you will end up with a vice-like grip, with one reviewer referring to it as "...a barbell for your lady bits"! Upon insertion the Evi is gripped easily by the user's pelvic floor muscles, while the curved bulb at the front stimulates the G-spot and the handle stimulates the clitoris, adding the pleasure aspect to this designer workout pleasure product!

Whether you want to enjoy sex more or even improve bladder control or ensure a better postpartum recovery, then the Evi from Aneros is an investment piece you won't forget.

Measurement: 5.7".
Weight: 3.3 oz.


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