On by Sensuva For Her Lite 5ml
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On by Sensuva For Her Lite 5ml

Increase arousal and heighten your intimate senses with On Arousal Oil For Her Lite by Sensuva.

This incredible oil will help women to respond better to physical stimulation, and achieve orgasms easier. What's more, On Arousal Oil For Her Lite is perfect for women going through hormonal changes, hysterectomy, or taking medications that tend to decrease their body’s ability to self-lubricate too.

Formulated with 100% natural, botanical ingredients and essential oils, On Arousal Oil contains no menthol, L-Arginine, glycerin or paragons and is safe to use during oral sex. The Lite formula is also blended for a gentler experience during use compared to the original recipe.

Simply apply 1-2 drops directly to the finger and directly massage onto the clitoris and wait, if needed you can add more after 5 minutes. Within seconds, most women can feel a warm and pleasurable sensation which can last up to 45 minutes.


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